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It is difficult to describe the POWER of NHI1 in a few simple words - let me try:

  • NHI1 - something that writes code for you

The Something is a collection of tools, libraries, and design patterns that push the boundaries of programming.


NHI1 was started with a simple library, libmsgque, which on its own is a very powerful tool for writing an application server with a few lines of code:

  • but that was NOT enough

The whole mess started when you applied libmsgque to the Real Word environment with a mixture of Real Word programming languages:

  • C,C++,C#,VB.NET,Java,Python,Ruby,Perl,PHP,Tcl or GO

Every year has a programming language of the year, and every year YOUR programming language looks a little more out of date:

  • libmsgque has been redesigned to intelligently and easily integrate into any programming language.

The intelligent and easy is the crucial point as this expands the boundaries of classic extension programming:

However, a microkernel alone is not enough - because now comes the next level of problems:

  • Each code dependency creates a new programming-burden as each dependency must be updated as your programming-solution expands.

To solve this problem, a new technology has been introduced. The microkernel received its own compiler, the token-stream-compiler:

  • The token-stream-compiler is a tool that reads your source code and rewrites the code so that it is synchronized with your programming-solution


Reading and rewriting it sounds easy, but it is a very ambitious task indeed.

  • And now, here we are, the NHI1 project begins to live