Declaration of Internet Freedom

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Let's all work together!

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We live in times of permanent expansion of the dependency on a few global players in the internet economy. Today, names like Google, Facebook, Twitter or Amazon stand for the monopoly of business processes and the curtailment of freedom of expression.

With this I am starting a public appeal for a decentralized Internet economy based on a large number of small servers that keep the gateway to the Internet permanently open from the domestic DSL connection.

Who already have the necessary technology, small inexpensive mini-servers, fast energy-saving processors and a large number of software from the GNU Linux environment.

What is missing is the merging of these components into an open system that, like the Apple IPhone or Google Android, offers a secure sandbox to present a large number of small applications to local and external users under an HTTP server as the primary user interface.

Problem to be solved:

  1. completely simple to use, without an administrator
  2. hardened software
  3. apps to download and try out